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May/June @ WSPMS Library

  • Stay tuned for the Virginia Readers' Choice Winner (Middle School Level) Announcement!

  • "Pens of Pence" - be a part of our very own Literary and Art eBook by Pence students!

  • Final DUE DATE for Pence Library Books is Friday, May 28th. (We will be repairing and packing ALL OF THE BOOKS to move out of the library for summer!)

  • Memorial Day Holiday - May 31st

  • Some NEW furnishings are taking their place in our library! Book Shelves for the novels, circulation desks.... and more to come.

  • This summer our library will be renovated and ready for a fresh new school year!

  • Starting after Memorial Day, the "Library" button on our WSPMS website will go directly to our "SUMMER READING" webpage. You'll find lots of information about summer reading programs, reading lists, activities, and more!

Now that we're back in school 4 days/week:

  • Students will be able to come to the library with their English class to browse the book shelves and checkout books in person.

  • Students may come to the library with a pass from their teacher.

  • Students may still put up to 2 books on HOLD in the catalog, and stop by the library to pick them up (please give us an hour after you place the book(s) on HOLD, before you come to pick them up).

Home Learning Academy (HLA) Students:

  • You may continue to place books (up to 2) on HOLD and send an email to Ms. Hall ( to let her know when you will pickup your books in the Front Office. Please be sure to return previously checked out books at this time. (No more curbside service)

Ms. Hall's avitar with books.

Click on the SORA icon in your WSPMS Library Catalog! Find eBooks and audiobooks you'll enjoy!

Library Policy

  1. When you come to the library you need to use hand sanitizer before you may browse the book shelves.

  2. Three to four Library Books may be checked out for 2 weeks at a time. Returned books will be quarantined for 24 hours before being checked in and then available.

  3. If a book you want is already checked out, you may place it on HOLD to get in the queue (this is a "pending hold" - pending the return of the book).

  4. You are responsible to return your books on time or request a one-time renewal by emailing Ms. Hall at

  5. Handle all books gently and keep in a safe, clean and dry place, so others may enjoy them after you return them.

  6. Email Ms. Hall if you have any questions, observations or suggestions.

  7. Read, Read, Read.... because the more you read, the better you read, and the more fun it is to read!

Massanutten Regional Library Student Access Card Page

At Massanutten Regional Library we can find lots of good Ebooks, Audiobooks and other things to read online,

and that's just the beginning!

Use your Student Access Card number (SAC), ALL PENCE STUDENTS HAVE ONE!

It begins with 7 0 0 2 1 1 0 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ followed by your student ID number (NO SPACES)


Video Tutorial from MRLIB

Remember Our Free Lending Library

Located on the front porch of PENCE! Available 24/7! We will be keeping it well supplied! There's also a Free Lending Library right outside the library doors. When you finish with one of these books, you may pass it on to a friend or return it in our Book Return Crate.

If you choose a book from the FREE LENDING LIBRARIES, we recommend you quarantine it for 24 hours before you use it, per CDC guidelines.