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VOTING for VRC Will Begin on April 19th! Click HERE for MORE INFORMATION!

Qualify to vote for VRC 2020-2021 by reading at least 4 of these nominees!

Virginia Readers' Choice Middle School Nominees

  • New Kid by Jerry Craft

  • The Benefits of Being an Octopus by Ann Braden

  • It’s Trevor Noah: Born a Crime: Stories from a South African (Adapted for Young Readers) by Trevor Noah

  • The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise by Dan Gemeinhart

  • Ghost Boys by Jewell Parker Rhodes

  • Deep Water by Watt Key

  • Breakout by Kate Messner

  • Game Changer by Tommy Greenwald

  • The Bridge Home by Padma Venkatraman

  • Resist: 35 Profiles of Ordinary People Who Rose Up Against Tyranny and Injustice by Veronica Chambers

How & When to Check Out Library Books

All students are using their WSPMS Library account to place books on HOLD (up to 2), library staff will then pull them from the shelves, check them out, and email you when they're ready! (See instructions on "How-To Videos" tab)

Ms. Hall will deliver all that are ready to English classes during first block. Holds placed later in the day may be picked up at the library doorway. Eighth graders not in ENGLISH class this semester may also pick up at the library doorway.

Home Learning Academy (HLA) Students:

Place books (up to 2) on HOLD before noon on Wednesdays - send an email to Ms. Hall ( to let her know you have book(s) on HOLD and will pickup Wednesday from noon - 3pm, let Ms. Hall know if you need another time to pickup. Remember to bring back your previously checked out books.

Ms. Hall's avitar with books.
Library Doorway - Service

Library Policy

  1. Two Library Books may be checked out for 2 weeks at a time. Books will be unavailable during their quarantine after being returned.

  2. Bring previously checked out books when you come for "Curbside pickup," or place in Library Return Crate in hallway outside the library.

  3. Handle all books gently and keep in a safe place, so others may enjoy them after you return them.

  4. Email Ms. Hall if you have any questions, observations or suggestions.

  5. Read, Read, Read.... because the more you read, the better you read, and the more fun it is to read!

Massanutten Regional Library Student Access Card Page

At Massanutten Regional Library we can find lots of good Ebooks, Audiobooks and other things to read online,

and that's just the beginning!

Use your Student Access Card number (SAC), ALL PENCE STUDENTS HAVE ONE!

It begins with 7 0 0 2 1 1 0 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ followed by your student ID number (NO SPACES)


Video Tutorial from MRLIB

Remember Our Free Lending Library

Located on the front porch of PENCE! We will be keeping it well supplied! There's also a Free Lending Library right outside the library doors.

Available 24/7!

If you choose a book from the FREE LENDING LIBRARIES, we recommend you quarantine it for 72 hours before you use it, per CDC guidelines.