Curbside Pickup

for Library Books and More

Your Library is offering an opportunity for you to select up to two library books for curbside pickup this, and every Wednesday & (NEW) Thursday!

(Items NOT picked up on Wednesdays (12 - 3) will be available for pick up on Thursdays at Meal Pickup Location from 3 - 6pm)

Follow the instructions and submit your completed Request Form for Curbside Pickup by 7am Wednesday.

For students in the building:

You may also select books! Simply complete the Request Form for Curbside Pickup by 7am on Wednesdays and, check the box indicating you are in the building. We will deliver to your classroom.

We hope to continue doing this each week while most students are not here in the building.

Read the instructions and complete this form to make your request.

Submit by 7am on Wednesdays.

Request Form for Curbside Pick-up